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Cupcake Camp Tallahssee is hosted by me, Crystal, a cupcake lover... basically a gathering of people who love cupcakes and love helping people... 2010 is our first year and hopefully only the beginning of a way to give great things back to the community...you may feel like you can't change the world but you can change one life at a time

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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Big News!

We received an email so that we can meet with the founder of Jessica June's Children's Cancer Foundation! We will be meeting with her June 14th! so excited, (even if it's a 8 hour drive!) Also an AMAZING thing happened, I emailed Cupcake Rehab, and she was the sweetest person ever although she was not able to donate anything she did give me some great references... one TOPSTITCH will be making a wonderful donation, and then another great thing happened they helped us even more by putting us on their blog! so thank you! soo very much to some amazing cupcake lovers we look forward to growing a great relationship with you!

Monday, May 24, 2010

Another amazing Day!

I am in shock to be honest, when I first started this project I thought if I got one donation I would be happy... so far I have gotten 8... that is a HUGE deal for me... today I received three amazing emails... so a special thanks goes out to Bangerang Cake shop for donating some cupcakes and gift cards... To cupcake Wrapture for donating 12 awesome packs of cupcake wrappers and of course to one of my favorite sites EVER...acupcakery.com... thank you all so much words escape me as i get more and more excited to be able to see everything coming together for such an amazing cause... now on a side note... we received our Apron from Carolynskitchen.com online today and it is even cuter in person... seriously so beautiful! I am still working on the venue and setting the exact date... trying to get more followers and also still trying to gather support! I am on the lookout for someone in our area who would be able to donate finger foods, milk and waters. ....oh I almost forgot! I have finally made up my mind on the cucpcake competitions... drum roll please...

1. Most creative ingredient
2. Child's play
3. Scary cupcake
4. Cupcakes that fool ya...(character cupcakes, cupcakes that look like foods, etc.)
5. my favorite DRINK cupcakes... ( lemonade, ice tea, any happy hour cupcake, soda cakes, etc)

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Wow... because all other words escape me right now

Well I was on my way to post the awesome news that we got another donation... I was soo excited and then my little light telling me I got a new gmail message came up... well well who could it be... No way ANOTHER donation... so a round of applause goes to Jessie at Cakespy.com for donating some awesome notecards with the cutest lil cuppie on them! And a huge thank you and applause is in order for Courtney at Boredinc.com... for donating random cupcake items from their very cute and also very amazing shop! Thank you guys both of you are soo awesome! I really appreciate it!!


So Amazed

WOW! I must say that I am soo amazed, we received another donation today and I am soo excited! I am soo happy to feel like this is all coming together for such a good cause! divaentertains.com is going to be donating a faux cupcake holder sooo cute I loved it everything she makes is soo cute... :) I was so happy about it! So now it's just securing the venue for the date and time, and of course getting everything organized lol... thank god for the amount of support I have received... My friends and family are really supportive of my the event... I am also juggling work family life and of course planning my babies 2nd birthday! Well somewhere in there I need to make a little visit to my best friend before she moves...! oh well at least time will be going by very quickly!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Another Awesome Donation

I was suppose to post this last night but I was out with my kiddos and then I came home early cause I was not feeling well, with all intentions to take a short nap and get to work on CCCT, I layed down in my very comfortable bed, and it is now 6:30 am and I just rolled out of bed... So anyways, I received an email from the foundation we want to donate to :) We are hoping to meet with the founder soon, so that we can officially say that we are donating to them, and we can share their amazing story with all of our fans... which is at the moment 27, on Facebook. I continue to request donations every day:) which is a great thing cause I figure for every hundred I send there is one awesome donation received! Bringing us to today's post! Carolyn's Kitchen Online who makes the cutest Aprons EVER has agreed to donate one cupcake vintage apron... and I will be bidding on it because it is soooo cute! I have even set up a whole space in the guest closet just for Cupcake Camp stuff and today I am off to look for a venue! wish me luck...:0)

Friday, May 21, 2010

YAY !!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you Bleeding Hearts Bakery for the amazing donation, a signed copy of your hot off your press book "Who you Callin' Cupcake!" thank you so much Michelle and Vinny Garcia! you guys are awesome!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Practicing Patience

I am by nature not a patient person so this is teaching me how to be just a lil more patient. Going to be working on my t-shirt and poster design today and then it's a night off for Grey's ( my other obsession besides Cupcakes...lol) still on the lookout for a great venue.. hoping to be able to hold it partly outside... which is great because Tallahassee is beautiful during October!!! Well that's it for tonight I guess

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

End of day 1

Well i feel pretty productive today... I received the email I had been waiting for in response to the foundation that we are hoping to be able to donate to, if not, we do have a Plan B but Erika (for whose brother who passed away from cancer, we are doing this in name of... and of course my loving uncle who passed away Jan. 2005) and I are really hoping to give to Jessica June Children's Cancer Foundation! we have to wait for the official okay to be able to use their story and all for our camp! I emailed 15 different locations hoping to get any type of donation... but like usual I am prepared for the worse... so for tonight I think i am done... well besides of course that list of things that I am going through in my head that =I want to do... that must stem from being a mommy! oh I almost forgot we have already received 2 donations... and hopefully will have a venue set by Sat! Wish me luck!

:) goodnight world.. see you tomorrow

The Start of an Adventure!

So one day as I was scrolling online... typical evening for me after babies are in bed... I run into Cupcake Camp Seattle.... ahhhhhhh... (music sound effects in head) ohhhhhh I need to be there! Because I like soooo many other people love cupcakes.... and cake... and people... and events... and fun things... and well you get the point... so I called my buddy who also shares the same scary cupcake obsession with me, to join me in this awesomeness... well of course because I have as much luck as a fat turkey during Thanksgiving, this day would not work for her! I couldn't go alone cause it is VERY VERY far from Tallahassee! So then it dawned on me! Duh we could make our own Cupcake Camp right here in town... the glitch is that we live 6 hours from each other... not that we thought about that at the moment... So off we went to plan plan plan! In the end she was able to pull off an awesome 1st Annual Cupcake Camp Fort Myers and I helped as much as possible. Seeing as she is incredible, and like superwoman, with better cooking skills it wasn't like I was much help. And now the time has arrived for the 1st Annual CUPCAKE CAMP TALLAHASSEE!.. (well eta Oct.16, 2010) so i am going to need to vent to this blog when things just don't go as planned and when I just need to share with the world something exciting... even if no one else is listening... :)

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