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Cupcake Camp Tallahssee is hosted by me, Crystal, a cupcake lover... basically a gathering of people who love cupcakes and love helping people... 2010 is our first year and hopefully only the beginning of a way to give great things back to the community...you may feel like you can't change the world but you can change one life at a time

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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

End of day 1

Well i feel pretty productive today... I received the email I had been waiting for in response to the foundation that we are hoping to be able to donate to, if not, we do have a Plan B but Erika (for whose brother who passed away from cancer, we are doing this in name of... and of course my loving uncle who passed away Jan. 2005) and I are really hoping to give to Jessica June Children's Cancer Foundation! we have to wait for the official okay to be able to use their story and all for our camp! I emailed 15 different locations hoping to get any type of donation... but like usual I am prepared for the worse... so for tonight I think i am done... well besides of course that list of things that I am going through in my head that =I want to do... that must stem from being a mommy! oh I almost forgot we have already received 2 donations... and hopefully will have a venue set by Sat! Wish me luck!

:) goodnight world.. see you tomorrow


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