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Cupcake Camp Tallahssee is hosted by me, Crystal, a cupcake lover... basically a gathering of people who love cupcakes and love helping people... 2010 is our first year and hopefully only the beginning of a way to give great things back to the community...you may feel like you can't change the world but you can change one life at a time

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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Another Adventure :)

This week my kids start school this is another adventure of my life, with Cupcake Camp, a two year old birthday party to plan, and 2 kids in school this year I have my hands pretty full, but I am trying my best to update as much as possible. I am amazed to see the growing support of Cupcake Camp Tallahassee, and I am hoping that it continues to grow to an annual event in which we can help the foundation for many years to come. Today my daughter reminded me of a very interesting lesson. She was upset today while we were shoe shopping because none of the 3 shoes she wanted were in her size, I impatiently rolled my eyes and said, Jailyn (that's my princesses name) that enough after about 5 minutes of whining I told her it wasn't that big of a deal and that it wasn't a huge problem like she was making it out to be. She just looked at me and tears started to fall. She said but mom "it is a big deal TO ME".... and it was she was nervous about school she was nervous about her friends and her life and she had no control of anything and the one things that she felt she would have control over was the shoes she wanted to wear. I understood perfectly I understood because I have felt like that. It is one of the reasons I am organizing Cupcake Camp Tallahassee and donating to the Jessica June's Children's Cancer Foundation, because sometimes in life we can go about our own business and just ignore some of the world around us. We can forget that sometimes people really just need help they need someone to basically tell them it's gonna be ok. To give 5 minutes of their day to think of someone else and not wonder in what way it is going to affect them. Sometime I wonder what would happen if everyone pick just one person to help.... on a side note... after 2 other stores we finally found the perfect shoes.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010


I can't believe how close this event actually is, only 2 months away :) I am so excited i can't even express myself! we have been so lucky so far, and even thought we have a long way to go it's moving smoothly, in 2 weeks we should have our fliers and also we should have a place to order shirts :) we have added a donate button so DONATE!!! it's for a good cause. When I first met Ms Sandra I couldn'e help but look up to her, she is amazing and in a time where soo many mother's would have gone insane, she turned her life upside down after losing her daughter and set up a foundation to truely help her community. She is an amazing individual and I am so very proud to have met her and continue to work with her :)

Monday, August 9, 2010

Very Happy

I am so excited about our 4 newest donations, one of my absolutely favorite bloggers, Natalie Slater, writer for Bake and Destroy! is donating from her company (which I am so embarrassed to say I did not know she had, but am now obsessed with, no really I already have a wish list) she has graciously donating a gift card and a very amazing (awesomely Awesome) Cupcake Bag, go check out her blog asap www.reuseit.com... Also http://www.cakecupboard.com is donating 3 baskets of cupcake decorating stuff :) You guys are absolutely awesome and we are smiling even bigger since you were so great to offer to put our information on your blog :) Then I was sooo surprised and excited to see that Cupcake Envy was soo sweet to send us a tutorial on making sphere shaped cakelets :) visit her awesome artwork, because there is no other words to describe it, at www.cupcakeenvy.com ... and last but no where close to least CakeCentral is donating something (no really I have no idea what it is yet but I am sure it will be amazing) for our contest of the most awesomest cupcake!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Ok it's Crunch time :)

I would like to apologize for not keeping up with the blog :).. But I will do my very very very best to work on it, we have updated the contest and we are hoping we get a lot of interest in the new and improved contest :)
Cupcake Camp Tallahassee 1. There will be a general contest for overall most awesomest cupcake, you can enter it in either the professional category or the amateur (you do not need to own your own business to join the professional category, but if you own your own business in cakes you CAN NOT enter in the amateur category... be fair )

2. There will be 2 Kids Competitions, they are based on just the decor of the cupcakes (do not let your 3 year old bake alone...it could be bad ;)) one if for ages 5-9 and the other is for ages 10-13.

Now for the FUN contest (anyone can enter these and you can enter into as many as you would like :) )

1. Character Cupcakes (cupcakes that LOOK like something else, NOT CAKELETS) I will post examples on the page .

2. Favorite Drink Cupcakes ( examples: Ice Tea cupcakes, lemonade cupcakes, coca cola cupcakes, etc)

3. Favorite Breakfast Food Cupcake ( examples: cinnamon roll cupcake, pancake cupcakes, Fruit Loop cupcakes... remember the cupcakes do not HAVE to contain the items they just have to be a representation of the flavors)

4. Autumn Flavor Cupcakes :) Get creative!!!!

Remember it's a good time for a great Cause :)

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