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Cupcake Camp Tallahssee is hosted by me, Crystal, a cupcake lover... basically a gathering of people who love cupcakes and love helping people... 2010 is our first year and hopefully only the beginning of a way to give great things back to the community...you may feel like you can't change the world but you can change one life at a time

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Monday, August 9, 2010

Very Happy

I am so excited about our 4 newest donations, one of my absolutely favorite bloggers, Natalie Slater, writer for Bake and Destroy! is donating from her company (which I am so embarrassed to say I did not know she had, but am now obsessed with, no really I already have a wish list) she has graciously donating a gift card and a very amazing (awesomely Awesome) Cupcake Bag, go check out her blog asap www.reuseit.com... Also http://www.cakecupboard.com is donating 3 baskets of cupcake decorating stuff :) You guys are absolutely awesome and we are smiling even bigger since you were so great to offer to put our information on your blog :) Then I was sooo surprised and excited to see that Cupcake Envy was soo sweet to send us a tutorial on making sphere shaped cakelets :) visit her awesome artwork, because there is no other words to describe it, at www.cupcakeenvy.com ... and last but no where close to least CakeCentral is donating something (no really I have no idea what it is yet but I am sure it will be amazing) for our contest of the most awesomest cupcake!!!!!!!!!


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