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Cupcake Camp Tallahssee is hosted by me, Crystal, a cupcake lover... basically a gathering of people who love cupcakes and love helping people... 2010 is our first year and hopefully only the beginning of a way to give great things back to the community...you may feel like you can't change the world but you can change one life at a time

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Friday, July 2, 2010


It has been way too long since I have updated this! My apologies... well basically i have been a lil lax on things because I have a few personal things that I have been squaring away, but I'm BACK! we have a venue! The Cabot Lodge was graciously donated by a good friend of mine! Thank you Angie! also we have reached 100 fans on Facebook... we are at 102 actually!!!!!!!!!! We have chosen our foundation which we hope to work with for many years to come! Jessica June's Children's Cancer Foundation! we are soo honored to be working with such an amazing foundation! they are truly amazing! I am still working on the fliers because i am no artist lol.. but i have a few tricks up my sleeve! we will be unveiling them hopefully this week! I have been trying about at least a gazillion different cupcake recipes! to find the perfect one! In honor of Miss Jessica June we are making a double Fudge cupcake with blue marshmallow buttercream frosting sprinkled with yellow cast sugar. Also soo excited that a friend of mine will be opening a new bakery in Tallahassee within the next 20 days! very proud of Bite of your Life!


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